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Things To See In Las Vegas

Things To See In Las Vegas.

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Las Vegas is one of the US State many people say is a must see. Here is a short list of things to see in Las Vegas. Of course there a dozens of places to go and have fun, but these 5 things are among the most popular. Famous for it’s Casino life, Las Vegas is a top tourist State. There is certainly a whole lot to accomplish, not merely with Sin City itself, but along the Vegas Strip and the sounding areas too. Many people will choose accommodation in any one of the popular Casino Hotels but. But it is wise not to forget that there are a variety of concealed treasures that many tourist neglect.

Hotels cater for entertainment of all kinds, under one roof. The choice of accommodations and packages are vast. Therefore, if you shop around, you’ll be sure to get a good deal. Results sometimes mean in some of Resort Casinos asking as low as $20 a night, depending on the time of year. If your stay is long enough, just remember there are activities you can enjoy outside of your all-inclusive accommodation. The particular list of things to see in Las Vegas below are among the best!

1. The Bellagio Fountains. Things To See In Las Vegas Image 1

The famous Bellagio Fountains are very popular and well known Worldwide. They are a great water show to enjoy during the day. But if you really want the full effect how good a visit to the Fountains would be, return to them in the evening when it’s dark. That is when they are usually illuminated with various colours, and sparkle a magical rainbows. I’m sure You’ll be awestruck by the Fountain’s additional feature.

2. Red Rock Canyon. Things To See In Las Vegas Image 2

It is easy to organise a half or full day-trip to the Canyon. Your hotel will assist you with this. Alternatively, you could drive yourself there and enjoy the marvelous sites of the huge Red Rocks, reaching high up into the Skies. The landscapes on this canyon is truly a wonderful sight. You will also see rocks of many colours, including blacks, greys and yellow. If you like walking trails, you find enough here to satisfy you, but take a backpack with food, snacks and ice cold water. Red Rock Canyon would be a very unique location for a family, or romantic picnic spot.

3. The Venetian – Shopping And Gondola Rides. Things To See In Las Vegas Image 3

No matter where you decide to stay while in Vegas. One of the most enjoyable spots is the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino. There you can get a little taste of how Venice Italy might look like and feel. Although it cannot ever replace the real Venice in Italy. It is a very attractive sight with lots of shops to enjoy. The big draw is the Canal, which of course you can take a Gondola ride and pretend you are in Venice for just a short while.

4. The Stratosphere. Things To See In Las Vegas Image 4

The Stratosphere is a Resort Hotel that can offer you thrilling Rides and extreme adventure. If you have a taste for heart pounding excitement, a strong stomach or both. You will love the Fun Fair type atmosphere it gives off. Rides call Big Shot, X-Scream, Insanity and SkyJump says it all. However, if you’re like me and likes to keep your lunch in tack, being firmly seated at their fabulous restaurant, and simply enjoying the views from the top of the Tower is just as satisfying.

5. The Hoover Dam.  Things To See In Las Vegas Image 5

Located on the border between Arizona and Nevada, the Dam is in Boulder City. This is a very popular tourist spot, with several excursions running to and from the Dam a day. When you get to the top spots, you will take in the spectacular view of the Dam from above, it is a rare and wonderful sight. Lake Mead is visible from the Dam,it is the larges Lake in the United States. only some 24 miles away. If you are on one of the excursion tours, Lake Mead will probably be a part of the tour.

This list of things to see in Las Vegas, is by no means an exhausted one. There are dozens of other tourist sites, activities and fun things to do in Las Vegas. Including things to see in Las Vegas for free. If your stay is longer enough, see as much as possible and have fun!

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Family Dude Ranch Vacations

Family Dude Ranch Vacations.

Family Dude Ranch Vacations.1

Family Dude Ranch Vacations.   I was flicking thorough the Channel Guide on my TV, and came across a few old Western Movies that were showing throughout the weekend.  Winchester ’73 – 1950; (Jimmy Stewart Shelley Winters), The Big Country – 1958; (Greory Peck & Charlton Heston) and The Magnificent Seven – 1960; (Steven McQueen & Yul Brynner).  I did say old, the point is, it was those movies that got me thinking about, Dude Ranch Vacations for families.  Because, those Western Shows were all about “The “Family”, and “The “Land”.

I’ve been doing some research into, family dude ranch vacations.  I don’t mind saying that I was happily surprised at the number of dude ranch vacation packages available.  There are dozens and dozens to choose from.  Working ranches to luxury ranch life, and many others.  I found information on more than 27+ US States from Arkansas to Wyoming, plus Alberta and British Columbia in Canada.  If you’ve never thought about this ty

pe of family vacation, it might be worth looking into as an alternative to your usual holiday break.

Sticking with the family theme, I checked out a number of different sources and choose three ranches that would suit most families.  The Family Dude Ranch Vacations, I picked out will also suit families with young children.  The three US States I chose, were based on some of the old Western Movies I use to watch, and where those movies were said to be located.  I am seriously thinking a bout putting a dude ranch vacation on my list of places to go.

My Family Dude Ranch Vacations Picks.

1. Arizona – White Stallion Ranch.
Singles, couples, families and small corporate groups are welcomed at this Arizona Guest Ranch.  Located in Sonoran desert, this ranch is 3,000 acres opposite Saguaro Nat’l.  Monument West.

Amenities & Activities:
Airport Transportation, Internet Connection, Hot Tub, Massages, Indoor & Outdoor Games, Hiking, Trail Rides, Horseback Instruction, Tennis, Swimming, Fitness Center, Bar, Conference Facilities, Petting Zoo, Laundry Facilities, Gift Shop & more.

Operating Months:
All Year-Round, 12 months of the year.

Rates: Depending on the time of the year.

Single $198 – $276 per day – $1316 – $1878 weekly rates
Double $164 – $248 per day – $1,092 – $1,652 weekly rates
Deluxe Singles, Deluxe Doubles & Deluxe Suite for families differ.
Tax & gratuity apply.

Family Dude Ranch Vacations.2

 2. California – Greenhorn Creek Guest Ranch.
This ranch is located in Plumas County, close to Quincy, California, Set in the High Sierra, and welcomes families, couples & singles.

Amenities & Activities:
Children’s Programs, Fishing, Hiking, Dancing, Swimming Pool, Horseback Riding, Wagon Rides, Rodeos, Roping, Hay Rides, Bar, Bird Watching, Massages & Weddings.  The accommodations are various size Lodges or Cabins.

Operating Months:
May – November.

Full Week Summer Packages – Lower rates in the Spring an other Seasons.
Adult Aged 16+ – $1,811 – $1,630
Junior Aged 6-15 years – $1,377 – $1,239
Child (3-5 years)     N/A     $905
No cost for children under 3 years old.            
Tax & gratuity apply.

3. Texas – Mayan Dude Ranch Bandera.

Family Dude Ranch Vacation.3


Located 47 miles of San Antonio, the Ranch has retained the old west style of ranch life, but has added luxury accommodations and plenty of amenities.  It is owned for over 50 years by the Hicks family, and covers 348 acres of land.

Amenities & Activities:
Dancing, Roping, Horseback Riding, Trail Rides, Hay Rides, Hiking, Fishing, Swimming, Tennis, Laundry Facilities, Internet Connection, Group Facilities, Conference Facilities.  Lodges or Cabins, plus the Guest House which is non-Smoking.

Operating Months:
All Year-Round, 12 months of the year.

Adults – Rock cottages &  Lodge rooms with adjoining twin room – $160 per day.
Children Aged 12 years and under – $80 per day.
Children Aged 13 – 17 years – $100 per day.
Tax & gratuity apply.

Family dude ranch vacations, sound like great fun.  It would be hard for me to say which are the, best dude ranches for families.  It is more useful for me to re-direct you a fabulous website I found with all the information you need, including the ranches mentioned above.

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Photo 1 By: Samantha Villagran; Photo 2 By: Linnell Esler, Photo 3 By: Gayle Lindgren.

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