A Caribbean Island.

A Caribbean Island.

A Caribbean Island Image.1

Aruba is a Caribbean Island situated in the southern Caribbean Sea.  It is probably not as well known as other Caribbean Islands such as Antigua or Jamacia. However, as we move forward into the new year.  Figures are being released about the number of visitors to many different Worldwide destinations.  Today we focus on UK travellers and the Caribbean Island of Aruba.

Aruba is a small Caribbean Island, with a population of  around 100,000 people.  Yet it welcomed more than 14,000 UK visitors last year.  This was an increase of around 26%.  The picture of white sandy beaches, blue-green sea and hot sun.  Easily comes to mind when you think about the caribbean.  There is no doubt that Aruba fits nicely into that scene.

Aruba’s Popularity Grows.

Aruba’s popularity among UK visitors is growning fast.  Making it into the top ten, and the fastest growing Caribbean destinations to have a great holiday.

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Photographed by Jim Goodrich.