A Holiday In The Sun.

Best Time For A Holiday In The Sun.

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It feels good thinking about taking a holiday in the sun.  This time of year, is one the best times for a nice relaxing sun baked break.  The thought of sharp crisp winds and snowy icy grounds, doesn’t really compare to the thought of,  clear blue green seas, white sandy beaches and the bright hot sun.  (At least not to me).

I even read an article this week which stated that a holiday in the sun could help with your immume system.  It seems your vitamin D levels within your immune system helps to protection against infections, flu’s and colds.  Apparently, the levels decrease in the Winter due to lack of sun.  Of course it may be slightly different for everyone,  each of us having unique immune systems of our own. But, there does tend to be more colds and flus around during the Winter months, don’t you think?

If you’re a Winter hater, (like I am), then taking a holiday in the sun between December and March would be a great idea.  Alternatively, you could slip down to the local chemist or health food store and buy some vitamin D supplement.  Better yet, some cod liver oil capsuls (don’t bite into them though – taste awful).

A Few Sunny Holiday Destintions.

If you feel like boosting your vitamin D levels via a holiday.  Here are a few great destinations; Portugal, Greece, Spain, or Turkey.  If you’re thinking about Worldwide, then the Caribbean, Mexico or the USA.  Perhaps you’d like to travel even further still, if so, there’s Asia, Australia or Egypt to consider.

If you had the choice which would you go for?  A holiday in the sun or vitamin D supplements.  Such tough choices.  If you choose the holiday, good for you.  This time of year is the perfect time to choose your holiday int the sun and break away from the norm.  Here are some special offers we stumble upon.  This time of year is a great time to pick up some very attractive last minute deals. 

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Photo By: John evans.