About Travel.

About Travel.


About Travel


I’ve been a bit slow this month in posting.  I decided to put this mini video about travel, it’s just for fun and is a little showcase.

This time of the year is one of the best times to travel to warm climates. Many people flock, many people stay.  Those of us stay have to endure the cold weather.  The snow is sets, the railways back up the airports cancel 70% of their flights and many schools get shut down.  (Lucky kids).

The thing about travel is that it is exciting, usually no matter where you go.  It’s not always about warm climates however.  There are many people loving the snow and actually travelling to meet it, in all it’s glory. Skiing Holidays are very popular and why not, if your can Ski.  I’ve never tried nor do I intend to, I’ve ice skated (along time ago), and that’s about my limit.

Enjoy this mini video about travel, showing you a few types of destinations, and maybe giving you a few ideas of where you would like to travel to next.

I could write all day about travel, but I don’t.  There’s always something eles to do. You know how it goes, you get busy, you forget, other things in your life take priority, the time goes by so quickly.  That’s life!

If you do decide to travel, and I know I alway say it – Don’t forget to buy suitable travel insurance.  Especially if you are going on an adventurous holiday.

If you are into Ski Holidays, check out Opodo or Lowcostholidays, right now they have a few offers.


Image By: Andi O.