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About – Fantastic Travels Blog.

About Image 2Hi, I am A.J., and here’s a little about me.

I like writing, and I like travelling.  You know the saying, “everyone has at least one book inside them”.  Well, not sure I have the patience, or the talent to write a book.  However, I can write in short spells and this is the results, which I hope you enjoy.

Name – A.J.

Gender – Female

Enough personal stuff!

I like tours and travels, travelling for fun or business.  This travel blog, was created because I love travelling, being online and sharing.  I wanted something interesting and constructive to do with my WWW time.  This way I could write lots of articles and information about one of my favourite topics – Travel.

Any hot News or interesting events I come across relating to travel  I will share with you asap.  Exhibitions, holiday specials, major events, something that’s trending, and even the occasional travel rant.  Here in the UK, or other parts of the World.  I’ll also be  writing about my own travel experiences and sharing those too.

This is my travel blog, so feel free to ask me anything about my website, or leave a comment on any one of my posts.  Look forward to sharing!

My Background.

HR, Admin, Marketing, Traveller.

Contact –

Last seen – Blogging!

Short Term Travel Plans – To travel around the UK and more European Countries.

Long Term Travel Plans – More travel to Countries around the World.

Fantastic Travels

Fantastic Travels.

Having many enjoyable holiday experiences and short breaks, is what I hope you have time to do.  Heck, it’s what I hope to have time to do too!  Lasting memories, photos video clips you can upload and share with a smile.  The kinds of holidays that make you smile whenever you think about them.  Those are the ones I call, Fantastic!

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