Air Canada

Air Canada.

Air Canada


Congratulations to Air Canada for becoming a certified Four Star
Airline.  It has just been confirmed that Air Canada is one of a kind, in being the only airline in North America to have achieved this status. 

The Four Star rating means that Air Canada proves to be an airline which provides high standards of service, and that their overall services are of good standards. This includes customer services as well as their product lines and air services.

The Skytrax Aviation Research Organisation, based here in the UK.  The organisation carryout research and quality audits for commercial airlines and airports worldwide.  It conducts international traveller surveys to record and find the best airlines, airports, airline lounges, cabin staff, catering, in-flight entertainment and all aspects of travel services.

They bestow Star Rankings to Airports and Airline around the world, and Air Canada is the latest airline Canada is the latest airline to receive one. Skytrax is hold Annual World Airline Awards for other aiviation services.

Air Canada is just behind a few airline who have been given a Five Star rating. Singapore Airlines being one of those with a Five Star Rating.  That is probably why we feature it so often here on our Blog.  The Five Star rating is the highest level an Ailine can be given for quality performance.

Canada is lovely, I visited it such a long time ago, but remember it fondly.  I will most definately return sometime in the future. I highly recommend a visit, even if it’s a short one.  I went to Ontario, Toronto being it’s capital city.  The capital city of Canada is Ottawa; also based in Ontario.

Just in case this has inspired you to visit Canada. I can recommend checking out Canadian Affair.  It is the UK’s largest Tour Operator to Canada.  They provide flights to 7 of Canada’s exciting destinations including; Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.