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There are hundreds of airlines to choose from when deciding to take a holiday to fabulous destinations.

Do you have a favourite airline?  Or is flying all a bit of a chore for you?  What makes a great flight experience?  Sometimes it could be something totally unrelated to your flying experience.  It may just be your traveling companion, or your chosen destination.  Most of the time it has a lot to do with the airline, and the service they provide their passengers.  If it’s a great service, the airlines are more likely to get repeat passengers.

Whatever the reason when it happens, we all experience the thrill of taking a trip.  Even the long queues before we check-in our baggage becomes unimportant, ( well sort of).  

Two main types of flight service available.

SHORT HAUL – A short-haul can be 2 – 5 hours duration and or within the same Country.  Commonly called a “domestic flight”.

LONG HAUL – A long-haul flight is usually beyond 5 hours and from one Country to another.

All of the airlines featured on this page, provide long-haul international flights, Some also provide short-haul flights.  They have been chosen for their overall good quality service, we’ll add more.

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I love to fly, just like most people, I like to get the best possible flights.  Who I fly with depends on a number of different factors.  The destination, the flight time and whether I’ve used those airlines before.  The overall service, the extras and of course the price tag.  If you only got a week off, a short-haul flight rather than a long-haul flight appeal to you.

What airline you decide to travel with depends of several factors.  You may opt to choose a favourite of yours.  If they can get you to your destination safely, does it really matter which of the airlines you choose? If you live in the UK and want to travel to Dubai, you might choose to fly with air Emirates.  If you’re looking at a European destination, you might choose KLM or Ryanair.

Looking at traveling from the other side of the Atlantic?  If you are in the USA, and want to travel to London.  You may fly with American Airlines, United, Southwest or Virgin Atlantic.  All well known and all have great service.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have used all of them.

Popular Airline Carriers.

British Airways, (BA), 

Brussels Airlines, KLM – Royal Dutch Airlines,

Lufthansa Airlines. Malaysia Airlines. 

Singapore Airlines. Swiss International Airlines.

I don’t know if any of the above airlines rank as favourites with you.  But if you want to read more about them click here.  I’ll be adding more airlines later

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Photos by:san san and Morgan Noguellou