British Airways.

British Airways.


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British Airways, one of the UK’s leading airlines, will be providing additional flights to Dublin, Ireland later this year.  The daily flights from London to Dublin will increase from four to eight.  This will be a major boost for British Airways flight service to Ireland.  If you are a frequent business traveller to Dublin, this will undoubtedly be good news.

Although British Airways new route to Dublin has been operating since June of this year.  Late October 2012 is when the flights are scheduled to increase to eight a day.  The route previously run by Bmi, is now run by British Airways since the Bmi takeover.  Flights will depart from Heathrow Airport, starting with a very early morning flight at 6:25am. This will suit people travelling to and from Ireland or London for business purposes.  Leisure travellers who need to return home early, or want to spend the day in either city, will also benefit.

New London To Dublin Schedule.

Starts: 28 October 2012.
Departures: Eight Flights a day.
First Flight: 6:25am.

We will follow up on this article once the new sechedule has started. If you are in Dublin or London, and need to travel between the two cities.  It looks like British Airways will have you covered.

Image by: Jenny W.