Canada Will Be Highlighted In London.

On 1st July 2011, there will be a Canadian Affair in Trafalgar Square. The event is designed to boost tourism in Canada, as well as highlight the Canadian culture.  They will have lots of information about many destinations all over Canada.  I’m told that Quebec is approximately 5 hours from London Heathrow Airport.  That’s close enough to have a short 3/5 day short break holiday which is great.

2011 marks the Country’s 144th Birthday (Canada Day). There will be many featured designations.  Lots of travel information about where to go and how to get there. Plus entertainment including, Canadian culunary delights, live music, and an outdoor hockey match.

EVENT: Canada Day.
LOCATION: Trafalgar Square.
1st July 2011.
FEE: Free.

If you’ve never been to Canada, I can tell you that it is a lovely Country.  I’m truly sorry I’ve have not returned since.  I visited Toronto and enjoyed my time very much.  Also there is one thing overlooked by many.  Canada may not be in the top 10 honeymoon spots, but it is such a lovely Country, it could be viewed as a home away from home.  Especially for UK and US travelers.  If you’re thinking about checking Canada out for a Wedding Spot, you could also check out the Toronto Wedding Videographer

I hope to be back there within the next 18 months.

If you want to check out flights, hotels and package deals.  See Canadian Affair, the UK’s largest tour operation to Canada, or

Alternatively see BA, ebookers, Expedia,  As always, when traveling, don’t forget your travel insurance.

Photo by Nicolas Raymond.