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Cheap Holidays

Cheap Holidays.

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Cheap Holidays are fun!  Everyone wants a good deal, a cheap holiday would come under that heading. Still, you have to be careful, because cheap can also mean lousy.  That is why if you go for cheap holidays, especially with short notice. It’s best to shop around or get recommendations.

Cheap holidays are no longer a thing of the past.  With the cost of living rising, interest rates going up and down like a Yo-Yo.  The travel industry, like many other industries are competing for business.  They are successfully providing smartly packaged cheap holidays to anyone and everyone.

Where To Go?

There are hundreds of destinations and if you’re flexible about travel times, you’ll have a much wider choice.  When you travel outside the “peak seasons”, the prices are dropped dramatically. Giving you bigger discounts options.  If you’re looking for cheap holidays and can travel in the off season, you will get great bargains.

Best Way To Find Cheap Holidays.

The obvious answer is as always, shop around and compare prices. Do you remember trying to find a cheap holiday 10 or 15 years ago?  You’d get on the phone spend 40 minutes talking to 3 or 4 different travel agents taking your order.  Trying to packaged a holiday as cheaply as possible. Then the travel agent would agree to hold the booking for 24hrs while you decide or get back those travelling with you.

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Thankfully those days are long gone, for most of us at least.  Even if you’re not Internet savvy.  A family member or a friend could book a holiday for you.  The best and fastest way to shop around for cheap holidays is online!  Bigger discounts are available because online travel sites are able to cut their prices right down.  There’s no third party they have share profits with.  Therefore they can afford to give the extra discounts to the consumer (YOU).

Fantastic Travels is connected to many Companies offering cheap holidays for this year.  We’ve shopped around for you and come up with our best picks. As soon as we get more, you’ll get more.

Opodo have many weekly cheap holiday deals, with specials promo codes and competitions.  You could win return tickets to dozens of holiday destinations.  That’s even better than a cheap holiday because it’ll be free!   Opodo’s travel services also include flights, hotels, car hire, all-inclusive holiday packages and city break deals.

Canadian Affair is the UK’s largest Tour Operator to Canada.  They offer high quality low cost holidays and flights to 7 Canadian destinations including: Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver.  They fly from London Gatwick, London Heathrow, Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham, Newcastle, and Exeter.

The is a lot more information about cheap holidays on our Special Offers Page.  Or our cheap flight deals page.


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