Christmas Bells.

Christmas Bells.

Christmas Bells Image

Christmas bells are ring once again.  Yes folks, it’s that time again.    Jolly holiday spirits and yuletide cheer, jack frost nipping a your nose.  (Or so the song says).  Jack frost may be nipping at somebody’s nose this Christmas, but definitely not anyone in London.  The Weather in London and the South East, on this eve of Christmas, is around 11 degrees with a sharp blowing wind.  Still, it’s better than being snowed in without enough logs for the fire.

Are you a big fan of Christmas?  This year more than ever, I’ve been hearing so many celebratory and festive activities going on.  The least of all, being the commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ.  Now I’m not overly religious or anything like that, but isn’t that what the Christmas Holiday Season is suppose to be all about?

This year, I’ve heard few references to Church services, midnight mass, nativity plays and the like.  Maybe I’m not reading the right papers or listening to the right shows.

My Favourite Christmas Things.

Not being a big fan of Christmas myself. I must My favourite part of holiday season is the Music and the Christmas movies.  I said I wasn’t overly religious.  What is your favourite part of Christmas?

My least favourite Christmas Things.

The lack of public transport available for travelers on Boxing Day.  Are we NOT in the 21st Century?  Of course we are, yet the Rail Network seems to go to sleep for 2 days.  OK, have Christmas Day off like the rest of the Country.  But Boxing Day should be treated the same as Easter and all the other Bank Holidays we have here in the UK.  Reduced bus services are available, but the planned London Under Ground strike makes this year’s getting around on public transport even more difficult.

Major shopping stores are open, the high streets started promoting their Boxing Day Sales 3 days before Christmas.  But for those relying solely on public transport. (Including me this year), getting around may prove difficult.  Given the very high cost of public transport which goes up at least 4% each year.  The Country’s public transport system needs to provide a better service during the Christmas break.

Speaking of Christmas Sales, it’s time to ring those Christmas Bells because Opodo have sent through their Super Sale Alert:  Hundreds of flights worldwide on sale, for travel throughout 2012.  Don’t delay – the sale ends on 24 Jan 2012.  And it gets better.  You can save an extra £15 off flights over £250!

Whatever your reasons are for celebrating those Christmas Bells this year.  Enjoy it, have fun and here’s hoping it’s a merry one.  Whether you’re at home, or away for the holidays,  attending midnight mass or an all night party, be safe.

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Photo by Sanja Gjenero.