Cocoa Beach Florida.

Cocoa Beach in Florida, is known as the perfect beach town. It is approximately a one hour drive east of Orlando. On the amazing Space Coast. A pleasant drive that offers you endless ways to enjoy your leisure and recreation.

It is one of the most affordable Beach locations in Florida. There is never a lack of things to do or see. The Space Coast offers you the chance to go para-sailing or deep sea fishing.

More Cocoa Beach Attractions.

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You could take a river tour and admire the extraordinary wildlife of Florida. Just make sure you watch out for the Crocodiles. If none of those activities suit you. There is always the casino cruise ship to have fun on. More activities include the Brevard Zoo, which would be great fun for the kids. You could visit the Kennedy Space Centre, or even go on a shopping spree.

Cocoa Beach is a short driving distance to the Disney World Orlando Attractions. You have the option of spending the day at Disney World, then drive back in the evening. Where you could enjoy a fabulous dinner in one of the many dining spots on the Beach.

When night sets in, you can kick back and enjoy the nightlife on the beach. Visit one of the beach side cafes, or a club. Later, spending the nights in perfect accommodations, and wake up to the breathtaking sunrise reflecting off the Beach.

Cocoa Beach in Florida, is great for the entire family. It provides an excellent fun filled Beach Holiday. There is plenty to do there, with enough nearby activities to keep you going back for more.


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