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Cruise Travel, you’ve probably heard as much about cruises as I have.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  However, it is nice to learn that the good does happen to outweigh  the bad.  The Passenger Shipping Association, and the European Cruise Council have recently released figures that show a 10% increase in cruise travel over the past 12 months.

According to the reports, UK travellers exceeded 1.5 million people, taking a cruise.  European travellers were more than 6 million people, and the figures for travellers from the USA topped 11.5 million people.  With the total number exceeding 19 million, I think it’s safe to say that cruise travel is definitely on the rise.

Featured Cruises.

DFDS Seaways have a number of special cruises on offer this Winter.  They have paid special attention to Europe, providing short cruise breaks suitable for couples and families alike.  They have a 4-night break to beautiful European cities.  Destinations include; Cologne, Brussels, Bruges and Hamelin.  If you fancy a short festive break this winter, find out more from the DFDS.

Monarch Tours and Cruises also have quite a few offers available in the cruise travel area.  Again if you’re curious, and want to see what’s on offer. Visit the Monarch Website and browse around for the type of cruise that would suit you.

I don’t know how many Cruise Line Companies there are out there.  P&O Ferries, Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Princess Cruises, and  DFDS Seaways, are Cruise Lines that immediately spring to my mind.  All those mentioned are household names and are experienced Cruise Travel Operators.  There are however, countless more operators out there.

If you’re travelling and need travel insurance, here’s some useful information about the type of cover you and the party you’re travelling with may need.

Image By: Keith Syvinski.