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Disney World Ride

Disney.  A World famous name but what do we want from them?  We want what we’ve always got. Fun, extravagance, joy and excitement, and they haven’t lets us down yet! That’s why the theme parks, the stores and the movies are so popular.   Their holidays are perfect getaways designed for all the family.  Who better could provide a family holiday package.

It is often said, that everyone who enjoys a Walt Disney Holiday, wants to return for a second visit.  The atmosphere, magical rides and the large cartoon characters that come to life.  Are all part of a long family tradition, that makes a great fun holiday package with the Disney Group.

Theme Parks.

The most popular and most visited Theme Park is Walt Disney World, Florida.  Although it was Disneyland Theme Park in California which was the first to opened in the Summer of 1955.  Now more than 60 years later it is still going strong.  

Long Weekends.


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Cinderella’s Castle at Walt Disney World

If you are based in the UK or other parts of Europe.  There is Disneyland Resort Paris.  You won’t get to see everything, that would take multiple trips.  But a weekend trip is a good start and will definitely meet your fun criteria.

If you are based in the USA, you have the choice of two resorts.  Walt Disney World, Florida or the Disneyland Resort in California.

More Than A Vacation.

Since 1928, Disney has evolved into a mega Company providing entertainment of all types.  Most notably are their movies, but there is also many other forms of entertainment available.  Including; Disney Channel, Playhouse, stores all over the World.  Games and CDs.  If you are really a BIG fan, you could even have a Disney Wedding – No kidding.

Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and all kinds of anime characters are very popular.  Whether it’s a Movie or a cartoon character,  a theme park or a game.  Disney is a well known and much loved institution.  Lets face it, we all love some part of it, for most of us it dates back to our childhoods.  It is a great American Empire and we are all glad to be able to experience some part of it.

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Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse was the first Disney cartoon character that Walt Disney owned.  He was created in 1928, by Walt Disney’s friend, and cartoonist UB Iwerks.  Mickey’s debut film was Steamboat Willie released in 1928. Since then, Dozens of other cartoon characters have graced our screens, and given us much joy and laughter.


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Images by: Peter Togel & Carlos Paes.