Easyjet New Routes.

Easyjet New Routes.


Easyjet new routes to Spain were announce a couple of days ago.  The low cost airline is once again expanding their services.  Much to the joy of people who holiday on the Spanish shores.  Next Spring, they will start operating flights to Spain from London Southend Airport.

This should be good news for people living in the Essex area.  Not to mention a few friends of mine.  The destinations were announced to be Alicante,  Barcelona, Ibiza, Malaga and Mallorca.  Other destination that will be serviced from London Southend Airport, are Amsterdam (Holland), Belfast (Ireland), and Faro (Portugal).

Train Links To Southend Airport.

Easyjet new routes from London Southend Airport, will not only service people living in or around the Essex area.  It will also service people living in other London areas such as Stratford, Shoreditch, Hackney and  Bethnal Green.  The new Train Stations will also provide links to Docklands and Canary Wharf.  The new train station to the Airport, opened on 18 July this year.  Has direct routes to London Southend Airport from Stratford and Liverpool Street.

It can be very tiring returning from your holidays, only to spend another one or two hours getting home from the airport.  Getting   home inside of an hour on a fast train, would be a welcomed relief for many.  The only downside being having to lug your heavy suitcases around (can’t have everything).  Still, it’ll be a lot cheaper than a £30-£60.00 (one-way) cab ride.  It looks like Easyjet new routes could make a lot of people happy.

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