Food Festival

Food Festival.

Food Festival Event Image

A unique food festival, takes place next month.  London will be holding a Digital Food Festival.  It is the first one of it’s kind, and will be held in North London.

Organized by the Crouch End Project group, the awareness and information for all the restaurants and food outlets will be digitally.  If you have an iPhone or iPad.  You will have no problem getting the details and information through a Crouch End App especially designed for this food festival.  Social Media will be big a part of spreading the word about this very special digital food festival event.

The colour coded App will direct users to all the special food discounts around the Crouch End Area. Information on Sample Saturdays, suppers, lunches, snacks, bakeries cafe and much more.  I’ve even read about an eight course secret Supper Club to take place.

A special Hot Pepper Jelly tasting is going to be one of the highlights on 17th October 2013.  If you’re feeling brave, shoot down to Hot Pepper Jelly café in Broadway Parade, Crouch End, North London.


Digital Food Festival.
Date: Throughout October 2013.
Times: Any time an eatery is open.
Location: Crouch End, North London.

There are dozens of restaurants in the area, cafes, a Farmer’s Market and the list goes on.  If you like food, (who doesn’t), and enjoy embracing the digital world. This could be a great event to great time to gather some friends and enjoy this up coming food festival event.