French Carnival

French Carnival.

French Carnival


Believe it or not, the French Carnival is due to take off very soon.  There are many different carnivals taking place in France over the next two months.  The first, the Limoux Carnival is due to start in a few days.  The French Carnival Season, last for quite a long time, ending in early May, the heart of Spring!

If you’re feeling the carnival spirit early this year.  Here are some events you can join in with.

French Carnival Events.

1.  The Granville Carnival – 8th February – 12th February 2013 – Normandy.
2.  The Albi Carnival – 2nd March – 10th March 2013 – Paris.
3.  The Sartene Carnival from 25th April – 7th May 2013 – Corsica.

To attend any of the French Carnival  Events, you could check out or Opodo for city breaks.

You know I’m going to say it, broken record right, better that than a broken hip.  Get adequate travel insurance.


Image By: Roberto Tostes