Fun Fair Rides.

Fun Fair Rides.

Fun Fair Rides

This month Dusseldorf, Germany will pay host to the Worlds biggest, Fun Fair Rides.  For 9 days Dusseldorf, will have some of the Summer’s best fun and entertainment.

Fun Fair Rides, are not all what your trip would be about.  There will also be other events such as a fireworks displays due to take place on the 19th July 2013.  Plus a special Historical Parade on the 14th July 2013.

If ever there was a good reason to visit; Dusseldorf Germany, now would be it.  A City Break would go down a treat this Summer, especially for the kids.

It’s been forever since I had my turn on stomach turning, fun fair rides. But I do remember having fun – that and screaming my head off.

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In Dusseldorf, you won’t go short of finding a good pint of beer.  In the space of one square mile, there are over 250 restaurants, pubs and bars.  This is just in case you get tired of riding the big dippers and the scary upside down, fun fair rides.

Other Attractions.

Germany’s famous sauerkraut, and sausages will be available in the many different Beer Tents.  Plus there is also the Pink Monday celebrations being held on 15 July 2013.