Great Works of Picasso.

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If you are an art enthusiast then you may be interested in the great works of Picasso.  The Tate Britain is showcasing over 50 pieces of Pablo Picasso’s beautiful works.  This is a major exhibition that is running for a full 5 months.  It focuses on Picasso’s connection to Britain, going back to his first visit to London in 1919.

If you plan to visit London between now and mid July.  This is an exhibiton not to be missed.  I plan on visiting the Tate Britain myself in late Spring, so I will return to the subject and share my own views.  There is a Tate gallery shop as well as a Café, where you can have lunch or tea.  It opens at 10:00am everyday, and serves breakfast at the weekends.

This year, London is the center of two major events; the Olympics and the Diamond Jubilee. With the Picasso exhibition, I would say there are now three major events in London.   If you are based outside the UK, check BA for flights to London.

The exhibition’s theme is Picasso’s love of the of the UK and his influence on British artists and culture.  It will showcase over 100 works of art, including the works of British artists who were influenced by Picasso.  They include exhibits by Ben Nicholson, David Hockney, Duncan Grant and others.

I know many of you art lovers would visit London, for this exhibition aloneThe 1937 “Weeping Woman” and the earlier 1925 “The Three Dancers”, will be among the great works of Picasso on show.  The Tate Britian is based in London and more details are below.  If you want further details about this exhibition visit the Tate Britain website.

Great Works of Picasso Exhibition Details.

EXHIBITION: Picasso and Modern British Art.
LOCATION: Millbank, London SW1P 4RG.
DATES: 15th February 2012 – 15th July 2012.
OPENING TIMES: 10:00am – 6:00pm.
ADMISSION FEE: £14.00; free for Tate Members & children under 12 with an adult.

Picasso’s works were not just great, they were vast.  Hundreds of paintings, pieces of art, sculptures and drawings exsists today, so that we may enjoy them.  I’ll be viewing this exhibition in the Summer.

For more information about major exhibitions at the Tate Britain  Visit the official website.