Happy Holiday

Happy Holiday.

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The Perfect Christmas Fire

Happy Holiday to you and yours! As we come the close of another year, it’s just about time to focus on how you’ll be spending your Christmas Break. Do you want to do something different this year? The build up to Christmas is always so big, yet today, its really only one 24 hour period on the 25th December. 

Shops & Stores re-open on Boxing Day, as the sales begin and the rush of people swells in the queues and doorways of every shop that opens its doors! It becomes the time for comfortable shoes and credit card swipes. After all, when it comes to shopping, there’s nothing sweeter than a Good Deal Right? I love it too!

But what about 25th? Are you feeling like you just want to do something different this year? I am and I just might make it – Let you if I do!

Suggestions On Doing Something Completely Different.

1. Enjoy Christmas on the Seas, Wow, just writing it makes me feel the excitement. Imagine being on a Caribbean Cruise in the middle of the Ocean, but inside the State Rooms, Cabins, Dinning & Decks areas, you can still see Christmas Trees and lights. You’ll be enjoying the Christmas atmosphere on a Cruise Ship in the Caribbean Ocean.

2. Visit someone you haven’t seen all year, maybe they don’t have the means to get to you!

3. Stop by a shelter and volunteer a couple of hours of your time, the more hands the merrier!

4. Leave some toys at your local Salvation Army, recycling some toys is a great idea. Kids never play with all the toys they have. Or you could drop off a Christmas Hamper!

5. Take short Weekend Break to a different City. Right now I’m visualising a Log Cabin. 

A Few Of My Favourite Christmas Holiday Things To Do.

These are my favourite things to enjoy during this holiday period.

1. Watching the kids faces light up when they open their presents – Magic moments!

2. Christmas Songs & Christmas Movies, yeah I love it, especially the old classics.

3. Food that I haven’t cooked – It just seems to taste better when I haven’t slaved over the oven!

4. Here are some suggestions from Timeout London.

Whatever it is you do this Year, I just want to say… Happy Holidays!

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Happy Holidays


I’d loved to know what you’ve got planned this year, let me know in the comments!