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Holland is located in the westerly part of the Netherlands.  There are two large province in South Holland.  One is Rotterdam, which is the largest city in the Netherlands.  The other is the Hague, which is the capital city of South Holland.  All you have to remember is that Holland is actually a small area of the Netherlands, and that many people refer to the Netherlands as Holland.


A Country Full Of Art And Culture.

If you decide to travel to Europe any time soon, Holland is very highly recommended.  It has some of the World’s fabulous attractions in the Netherlands.  Which shares borders with the United Kingdom, Germany and Belgium.


Probably the most visited and one of the most popular cities in Holland.  The city of Amsterdam was founded in the 13th century on the river Amstel.  It is home to over 16 million people.  And the capital city of Holland.  It is notably famous for many attractions and events.  Including the Red-light district which you can read more about here.

Some Famous Tourist Spots.

Anne Frank House.  Prinsengracht 267 Amsterdam, NH.  This is the house where young Anne Frank wrote those famous diaries of her own account of Amsterdam’s occupation by the Nazis during World War II.  It is now a museum opened in 1960, with an enormous visitors’ centre being added 1980s.  This historic museum alone, is a great reason to travel Holland.

Heineken Beer Stadhouderskade 78, Amsterdam, Amsterdam-South, NH.
A man called Gerard Adriaan Heineken took over De Hooiberg (the haystack) brewery in 1864.  It became one of the largest modern breweries in the world. No longer in use as a brewery, it is now an information center and museum. There you can see the history of Heineken breweries, an old copper brewery house a pub.

Klompenboer (De) St Antoniesbreestraat 51, Amsterdam. For a traditional shopping experience.  This amazing store is here you will find a huge selection of wooden shoes. (Clogs). There is a clog factory inside and you can actually see them being made. You will also find a large collection of other hand crafted tradition footwear.  Situated a couple of minutes from Centraal Station, using the tram service from Dam.

The Country’s night life has a buzzing café and bar culture to it. See Amsterdam for more attractions and night life, or two other great Cities, Rotterdam and The Hague.

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