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Hotel Choice

Your Hotel Choice.

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What would be you hotel choice?  I guess that depends on what you are looking for, your budget, your duration of stay and your destination.   It could be some or all of the many services that come with staying at hotels.  Location, star rating, a good concierge service, good room service, mini bar, security arrangement for valuables will all boil down to your choice of hotel.  Not to mention the quality of the facilities available.  Spa, a gym, a steam room or fitness center.  Indoor or out door pools.  Hair and beauty salon, in-house shops, an nice restaurant(s) and bars.

Hotels can vary from city to city, Country to Country.  The level of service can usually be determined from the star rating of a hotel, but that’s not 100%.  You can get an excellent service from a hotel that is 3 star hotel and equally get a poor service from a 5 star luxury hotel.  My feeling is, regardless rating a good should be provided by all.  

Hotel Services.

What type of services you get want from a hotel should be determined before you even start looking.  Do you want a spa and fitness centre?  24 room service, a mini-bar, a full concierge service perhaps?  Will you be travelling with chrildren, will you need additional services for them?  Ask yourself all these questions before you go to book and finding the right type of hotel will be a lot easier. 

Below is a list of a few popular hotels that have been complimented by their booking service, and used by millions of people around the World.  We’ll add more later! 

Accor Hotels.
Accor hotels offer all types of hotel stays from budget to luxury.  They have over 4,000 hotels in more than 85 Countries.  Scroll doe the the middle of their site to see thier special promotions area. 

Best Western.
A well established Hotel chain who provides great value hotel stays and individually catered hotels to it’s locations.  Hugh site, easy to make bookings in the UK and International locations with head quarters in Phoenix Arizona.  Has over 4000 Best Western Hotels in more than 75 Countries .

Britannia Hotels.
Britannia Hotels is the leading privately owned hotel group in the UK, operating nationwide with 39 hotels! Their hotels can be found in prime cities throughout the UK, including near major airports. There is also a good selection around UK Seaside Resorts and the Countryside.  Britannia not only offers extremely competitive rates but also combines this with richness in décor.  

Budget Places.
Budget Places is an array of low cost apartments, bed and breakfasts, hostels and hotels in Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, North America, Oceania and South America.  It is a very easy site to navigate through and they have a loyalty rewards program that will benefit repeat customers.  Good value for money with 500 Worldwide city locations.

Hotelopia UK.
Hotelopia offer reduced-rate hotel accommodation in over 2,000 destinations all over the World.  These include Asia, the Caribbean, Europe Latin America and USA.  You can book hotels in any price range from low cost to 5 Star.  Hotelopia also offers a guaranteed lowest priced hotels service.

Naturally, there are thousands more hotels Worldwide.  I’ve named just a few known to me.  Hope you’ve found it useful. As always with any kind of travel, don’t leave out your travel insured.

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