Hottest Holiday Destinations In August.

August is one of the most popular Summer Months to go on Holiday. It is also one of the busiest Months of the year, but as long as you are prepared for large crowds. August is as good a month as any for your chosen holiday destination.

That said, the only question is what would be your holiday choice? Here are a few of the hottest holiday destinations in August.

Choose A Beach Holiday.

Choosing the right beach holiday could prove difficult. Especially when there are so many Sun filled destination to choose from. However, if you’re interested in Europe. Costa Blanca in Benidorm, Spain is a top favourite right now.

How About A Safari Holiday.

Masai Mara is the most popular area for a safari of epic proportion. If you choose is holiday during the August month. You may get lucky & witness some of the great wildebeest migration. Which is the huge movement of land mammals en mass, migrating for the Season. You could see the BIG Cats, leopard & Lions, Elephants &, Rhinoceros.

Taking A Cruise Holiday Could Be Fun.

Royal Caribbean Cruises offer a large variety of activities and amenities for all the family. They boost a vast itinerary to suit many taste. Purposely designed to appeal to all kinds of age groups, their long experience of providing holiday fun on the high seas is legendary.

The Tranquil Of The Lakes.

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If your year so far has been a hectic one. There’s no better place to wind down, than the serene Lake District. Despite there being many destinations across the World. Today I’m going to be bias & suggest the British Lake District. Cumbria to exact, it is located within the Lake District National Park, which is a World Heritage Site.

The South East of the County lay within the Yorkshire Dales. Just a couple of hours away for the Village of Hawthorne where to Bronte Sisters once live. The Village now has the Brontë Parsonage Museum, which is very popular with historians.


Be Daring With An Adventure Holiday.

Are you the adventurous type? Kayaking is a growing adventure sport. If you love the water, this may be your chance to have a real adventurous holiday. If you fancy the thrill of kayaking against rapid lakes. Best of luck to you, I’m just not that adventurous.


Naturally the choice is yours to make, but I hope I have given you a few suggestions. It doesn’t really matter where you go on holiday this August. As long as you have a great time & a safe journey. One thing I should mention is don’t forget your Travel Insurance.


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