International Womens Day.

International Womens Day.

International Womens Day Image

I thought I would highlight that today is International Womens Day.  What exactly does this mean?  Men appreciate and love us more… No really, it is a day in which us women, (yes I’m one of them),  are celebrated. And for a number of reason including accomplishments, strengths, love, respect, appreciation, and social, political and economical

International Womens Day, is celebrated in 72 Countries around the World from Albania to Zambia.  This is a Global event.  If you are a woman reading this, congrats just for being you!  If you are a man, make a woman smile today with the recognition of this day.

So no matter where you are in the World today.  Celebrate a woman that you know.  And yes, there is and International Mens Day, but I’m not going to name that day today because,  It’s our day today – International Womens Day!

Picture Provided by Marcelo Moura.