Japan In A State Of Emergency.

Yesterday there was a terrible Earthquake in Tokyo, Japan.  It measured 8.9 on the ricter, and is said to be one of the largest earthquakes ever recoerded.  As a result of the Earthquake, the Islands of Hawaii and Taiwan is on a Tsunami high alert. Taiwan felt the first force waves, however they were lower than expected at just under 4 inches. When the first waves hit Hawaii, they were a few feet high and not as devastating as expected. Other Islands in the Pacific given official alerts were the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea.

As for Tokyo, there is great devastion and horror at present. Thousands feared dead, and a potential nuclear disaster. Our thoughts and heart go out to the people of Japan.  I am sure help will be forthcoming from other Countries in the West.  If you are worried about family and friends living and working in Japan. Emergency numbers are being given out on TV and Radio Stations.

If you were planning to visit Japan in the coming weeks/months. Please check with your tour operator or airline service.

If you wish to make a donation contact your local banks or Red Cross.