Legoland Theme Park.

Legoland Theme Park.

Legoland Theme Park

Have we all gone Legoland crazy?  First I read about a new Legoland Theme Park opening in Florida, in October 2011.  Then I read about that a new Legoland Discovery Centre in Tokyo, Japan, due to open next June 2012.

The Legoland Theme Park in the UK, is located in Winsor (yes, as in Winsor Castle).  The attraction is aimed at children under 12 years.  Personally, I think theme parks are interesting for all ages.  Mostly a fun day out can be had by all.  I don’t think I’ve actually been to Legoland in Winsor, I should go!

I guess if I were going to put a new theme park anywhere.  Florida would be one of my first choices.  With the Disney attractions already stable. Who knows, Florida could soon become the theme park capital of the World – if it isn’t already.

The Florida Legoland theme park location will spread across 150 acres.  And, much like the one we have here in the UK.  It will feature many Legoland miniture towns and famous places.  Plus family shows, and rides.  Of course it will – it’s a theme park.

The Tokyo Legoland Discovery Center location will be at the Decks Tokyo Beach Mall, Japan.  It is due to open next June 2012, and include attractions such as miniland, Lego Factory, rides, Lego Studios with 4D cinema experience and much more.   Wouldn’t it be nice if some of the money generated from the theme park was donated to the Japanese Relief Fund by the Merlin Entertainment Group?

By the way, the same Entertainment Group, (Merlin Entertainment) plan to build a temporary Madame Tussauds, also at the Ecks Tokyo Beach Mall.  I like visiting Madame Tussauds, although I haven’t been in recent years.  I generally only go when I have visitors over for a holiday.  It’s a good tourist spot.

The soon to be available attractions is great news for all theme park lovers, especially the kids.  There’s nothing like a great day out.  And if you can take the kids along, hear the excitement in their voices and see their smiling faces. all the better!

There are currently four Legoland Theme Parks around the World.  Located in the California, USA, Denmark, Germany and the UK.  The two new theme parks will bring the total to six.

Legoland Holidays.

Why not go even further and enjoy a funfilled Legoland Holiday.  Family-friendly local attractions, with tons of Theme Park activities.  Or  luxurious hotels with swimming pools and spas.

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