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London Transport Buses – Is Transport For London Saving Money at The Expense of its Passengers?

London Transport Buses


Last Friday 31st January 2014, I had the unfortunate experience of traveling on London Transport Buses.  If you remember the Weather that day.  You will remember that it was icy cold, and very wet! As I boarded each bus trembling from the cold, and resembling a sappy towel left on a clothes line in the rain.  I looked forward to the warmth of being inside the bus.

After about 10 minutes, I realized I was colder sitting on the bus, than I was outside.  How could that be?  The bus was mostly full, I was in out of the rain, yet I was still shivering. Yes, I was wet, but even wet, when heat hits you, you start to feel a little warmer right?  NOT this day.

What I couldn’t understand was, of the 4 different buses I took to get to and from Surrey to East London.  Not one of them had the heating on.  I sat at the front on a couple of them, and placed my hand over the vents, no heat!

Now, I don’t usually have a grip and moan, especially online, but seriously.  Is Transport for London trying to save money? Have we not all been subject to recent fare increases? I finally, asked the driver of the 468 bus whether the heating was on.  He said yes, but I couldn’t feel it, it set to cool! We all know how steamy a bus get in Winter when the heating is on and it’s full of people.

Are you a frequent traveler on London Transport Buses?

Have you had a similar experience? Let me know.

London Transport Buses & their Offending Routes.

No. 468 – Croydon to Lambeth.
No. 35 – Shoreditch  – Falcon / Grant Road.
No. 55 – Oxford Circus – Bakers Arms.
No. 149 – London Bridge Station – Edmonton Green Bus Station.

My message to Transport For London, is to get your act together and instruct your drivers to turn the heating on all London Transport Buses for its passengers. The fares go up every year, give us a little something back for it!

Image By:RP Jacob.