London Zoo.

London Zoo.



The London Zoo or more specifically known as ZSL London Zoo.  (Zoological Society of London). Is a great day out for all the family, especially animal lovers. With the Summer holidays in full swing. If you’re stuck at home with the kids with nowhere to go.  A day out at the Zoo, could be just the distraction the kids need.  If you are planning to visit London in the coming weeks.  It is also a great tourist spot.

The Zoo was first opened in 1828, but not to the public.  It was opened to fellowship members of the Zoological Society.  It was opened to the public in 1847, and today has the distinction of being the World’s oldest scientific Zoo.

The ZSL Whipsnade Zoo (owned by the London Zoo).  Was opened to the public in 1931.  It is 600 acres and has a white lion figure carved on a hill top of Dunstable Downs.   ZSL Whipsnade Zoo houses larger animals such as bears, elephants and giraffes, many of which roam free around the park.  Visitors can walk, ride or drive around to the various attraction areas.

Living Spaces For The Animals.

As for the London Zoo, it has undergone some major renovations in the past 6 years.  The renovations were made to recreate more open spaced natural living environments for the animals.  This has made visiting the attractions more interesting.  You can now see the animals in environments that seem more like home to them.  These new living quarters beats being cooped up in cages, and are much healthier for the animals.

Attractions At The London Zoo.

There are over 20 major attractions including Animal Adventure, an African Bird Safari, Gorilla Kingdom and Blackburn Pavilion (bird sanctuary with over 50 different species of birds). Lots of fun educations things to do for kids.

You can meet some of famous animals like, Bounty the squirrel monkey, Harry the Otter, Thug the Hippo, Karishma the Elephant, Spike the African Lion, Savannah the Giraffe, Maktoum the Cheetah and Elvis the Chimp.  These are just a small selection of the inhabitants at the London Zoo.  What must they be thinking about us Humans, gazing upon them day after day?

EVENT: London Zoo.
Location: Regent’s Park, London, NW1 4RY.
Times: 10:00am – 6:00pm.
Entry: Adults; £18.60 Children 4yrs+; £14.50, Seniors & Students; £17.10; Children 3yrs & under FREE. 10% discount online bookings.

London Zoo online bookings can be made at their official ZSL Website.

Photo by Lettieb.