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Can you do without it when you travel? Not a chance, now you maybe thinking – “wait I don’t need any luggage. This is just a short trip”. Well, what if you are flying to another city for the weekend. You surely need to take with you the minimum travel accessories. You know those hair products, extra under garments, your shaving kit, your laptop.  The list gets longer as you think about it, do I really need to go on?

Some people travel with just a backpack, as small as it may appear, it’s still luggage.  And it will be classed as luggage. Your tiny bag will be classed as  a carry-on piece.   Who wants to travel without clean underwear and hair products anyway. (referring to myself  here about the hair products).

Hand Luggage Size.

luggage Image 1

Make sure you check the size of your hand luggage.  I have seen some really big pieces carried onto an Air plane.  So big I thought it should have been checked in. It could depend on the airline and the maximum size allowed.  I think that’s pretty much changed in the 21 Century.

What you should do is go to the providers website and check it out their guidelines for weight, size height etc.  It won’t hurt and may save yourself some embarrassment, just in case you are use to checking-in with hand luggage the size of a cello.

Image 1 by: Zsuzsanna Kilian; Image 2 by:Davide Guglielmo.


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