New Entertainment In Las Vegas.

New Entertainment In Las Vegas.

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If you plan to Visit the USA anytime soon.  There is lots of new entertainment in Las Vegas this Summer.

Caesars Palace is hosting a new show which consists of venues and canival tents in their Roman plaza.  You can enjoy entertainment such as a beer garden, a secret speakeasy, drinking games.  (surely for the adults).

The Mandalay Place has recently opened an official Guinness store.  Which I am understand is the very first of its kind in the USA.  I think I read that it opened on St Patrick’s Day, which makes sense.

Other New Entertainment in Las Vegas.

There is live music from the Grammy award-winning singing artist, Gladys Knight.  Ms Knight is headlining a special show at the Tropicana.  She has a live band and dancers and performs her classics as well as new material. The most well known of all entertainment past times in Las Vegas.  Is of course the casinos and the gambling.  The Poker tables, Roulette, Slot Machines, Keno (whatever that games is).  It never stops, you can gamble at 4:00am in the morning or 11:00pm at night.  That’s Entertainment!

I have friends who traditionally visit Las Vegas every year.  I’m beginning to catch on why, there is not shortage of things to do.  Plus there is always a selection of new entertainment in Las Vegas to choose from.

Las Vegas is such an entertaining tourist spot.  It joins the ranks of destinations, you can visit anytime of the year.  And still have a great time enjoying shows, casinos, music shopping and more.

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