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Royal Ascot Ladies Day Visit

Royal Ascot Ladies Day Visit.

Royal Ascot Ladies Day Visit Image Ticket

Saved My Ladies Day Ticket

My first Royal Ascot Ladies Day Visit was not a disappointment. It was 8:45am when the coach pulled up, ready to collect the last of the passengers before it hit the road to the famous racecourse in Berkshire. Never having been to the races before, it was a treat to make Royal Ascot my very first experience.

Our tickets were for the Windsor Enclosure where music played, people constantly took pictures, set up camping chairs, bought food and Ascot memorabilia. Put bets on, and generally had a great time. It was a warm day with a cool breeze and a promise of light rain. Our group was lucky to get there early enough to set up our camping chairs, under the sheltered area close to the exit gates.

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Stone and wire horse Statue

On entry into the grounds, one of the first things you notice is a statue of a horse made out of large rocks, surrounded and held together by thick wire. (See pic).  It’s a great place to have your photo taken, and oh boy you could hear the click, click, click of cameras, mobile phones and iPads if stood too close.


 Ladies Day Dress.

Lets talk ladies dress, after all, it was our day.  I wore an off the rack mid length, sleeveless, pink floral design from Wallis.  A pink hat with bow, with a long nude colour cardigan, also from Wallis. Actually, Wallis was very well represented at Ascot. I saw many of their lovely dresses on a number of well presented ladies.

For footwear, I wore nude colour slingback shoes, from nowhere I can remember, but I did have flat pink shoes from Clarks to walk around in. This is a very smart thing to do, if your in the Windsor area of Royal Ascot, because you can walk the length of the area in comfort.

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Friends and family enjoying the day

As for all the other ladies in attendance, you were treated to an array of fabulous summer outfits, dresses, two piece suits and trouser suits, that didn’t disappoint.  Just about every lady looked great, in their blues, yellow, whites, reds, greens, peace, lilac, with wonderful hats, fascinators and hatinators that completed the look. Read more…