Quebec Image 1

Yes I’ve seen the pictures, there really is an Ice Hotel in Quebec, Canada.  The unusal holiday category has just risen in my book, I’ve never heard of it before, have you?  Have you stayed there?  Would love to know.  The “Hôtel de Glace” is made completely out of ice.  Don’t ask me how it doesn’t melt, even when pop belly stoves are used to heat the bedrooms.  I don’t know, probably too cold in Quebec for it to melt.   Anyway here’s the word!

The hotel itself was first launched in 2001 and moves locations every year.  It is also redesigned and rebuilt when it is moved.  Definately unusual!  There are three main packages you can go for.  They are; the “Northern Discovery” package, the “Winter Experience” package and the “Icy and Urban Adventure” package.  Call me a kiljoy, but they all sound cold!

The Hotel Experience.

These getaways are quite pricey, costing approximately $400 – $600 Canadian Dollars  per person, for one nights stay at the Ice Hotel, and another nights stay at a different hotel in Quebec.

Apparently, half a million people have already stayed in the hotel.  This may be one of the reasons for a boost in visitors to Quebec.  See  my earlier blog post.   Good wishes to all you brave people who love Winter holidays.  Me, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  I HATE THE COLD!!