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Singapore Airlines.

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Singapore Airlines continues to make great efforts to increase services and promote holiday makers to Australia.   They are expanding their already strong relationship with the Country by extending flights to more destinations.  They have expanded promotions in Western Australia, Victoria and Queensland. While promoting two new areas, New South Wales and South Australia.

Singapore Airlines have been flying to Australia for 45 years.  The new agreements recently signed with the national tourist board.  Also includes tourism in Germany, India, Indonesia and the UK.

A Few Cities In Australia Singapore Airlines Fly To.

Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

Although I have yet to visit Singapore, it does happen to be one of my favourite future destinations.  You may notice that it has been featured many times through this Travel Blog over the past two years.  I have not yet decided when I will visit, but I will have a better idea by the end of 2013.  Perhaps 2014 would be a good time, but it’s still to early to say.

Getting back to the topic at hand, if you fancy a trip to what we Brits loving call “Down Under”.  Check out Singapore Airlines deals.  You can find out which destinations you might like to visit.  Remember to include travel insurance with any travel plans you make.

Image By: Rolf Wallner.