St. Valentine’s Day.

Once again we are  heading towards St. Valentine’s Day.  The radio adverts for dating sites are driving me nuts, the shops are full of cards and candy and the weather is too bleak to mention.   I’m thinking, a good enough valentines gift would be to stay in the warm, wrapped up under duvet with partner, popcorn, drinks and chocolates.

But alas, St.Valentine’s Day  is just another one of those commerically pressurized times of the year when.  If you’re loved up, what do you do this year?   Are chocolates & roses enough?  Would a weekend trip away do the trick?  Are you dreading going to work the next day.   You know you’ll going to have to listen to how wonderful an evening it was from one of your work colleagues.   Shouldn’t romance be in the air all year round?

Well, whatever you’re thinking of doing, try to remember that it is the thought behind the deed that counts.  Not how BIG or how MUCH the gift cost!

If travel is on your mind this St.Valentine’s Day.   Expedia and lowcostholidays have some specials deals on right now.  Cancun, the Caribbean, Hawaii, New York, Paris and Venice are all very popular romantic destinations.

Happy St.Valentine’s Day.  ENJOY!!

Image By:Bharatha Kumar