Sunny Spain.

Sunny Spain.

Sunny Spain

Checking in with the latest holiday trends for UK travelers. It seem that Sunny Spain is the number one choice.  And why not, I enjoy my visit to Malaga some years ago. I know people who have holiday villas and other people who have emmigrated to Spain.

Spain is close to the UK, it’s reasonably priced, and it has some of the most scenic and historical sites to enjoy.

Three Popular Spanish Destinations.

1. Malaga.
2. Alicante.
3. Barcelona.

One out of three mentioned above, I’ve only been to Malaga.  I’ll look forward to correcting that, I’ve always wanted to visit Barcelona.

Last minute deals will probably feature sunny Spain quite heavily.  See our last minute deals for more information.

You may remember back in February 2011, we outlined the top ten Countries to visit of 2011. Spain came out at number three.  Of course there are probably dozens of top ten destination lists. Nethertheless, I’m betting sunny Spain will feature in most of them.

The school summer holidays are less than 10 days away.  If you’re stuck on where to take the kids, or just want to get away for a quick cheap break. Don’t forget to check out sunny Spain!

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As always when traveling abroad, don’t forget your travel insurance.

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