Sunshine Holidays

Sunshine Holidays.

Sunshine Holidays

This being December, it may be hard to think about Sunshine holidays, but when is there a better time to take a holiday in the Sun? If you live in the Western part of the World, you’re probably experiencing the chill factor.  Many people run to the Sun in Winter, it is in my opinion, one of the best times of the Year to take a break. A break away from work, stress and the cold Weather.

Sunshine holidays can be enjoyed in many parts of the World, this time of year. I always immediately think of the Caribbean as the first destination.  I think it is the allure of the tropics, white sandy beaches, clear blue Skies, warm blue green sea and the food. There really is little that can beat that fiery inner glow your body feels, from the hot Sun that shines down on you and runs through your veins.

Lying on the beach, swinging in a hammock, feet up on the verander, with the cool breeze just heavy enough to keep your body temperature on an even keel! If your idea is to jet away for a short break away from the cold. The Caribbean ticks all boxes. There is however a bit of a drawback to traveling this time of year. Many people are thinking about doing the same. This makes the prices go up and the availability go down for most people.

If cost is not an issue, you could choose from any number of different types of sunshine holidays.  All Inclusive, apartment stays, 5 star hotels, whatever your heart desires. If You can fly business class or first class or priority seating, that opens up a few extra options for you. Including being able to jet off at short notice.

Sunshine Holidays – Possible Destinations.

1.  The Caribbean.

2.  Thailand.

3.  Australia

4.  New Zealand

5.  Belize,

6.  Certain Southern States in American; eg Miami, California, San Francisco.

Probably a lot more Countries, I don’t have the time to research. Nevertheless, there really is no shortage of destinations you can visit. The choices are limitless when it comes to traveling abroad. It’s the availability that could cramp your style, especially if you don’t book way in advance.

There is also the question of whether it will be just you, or you and your family or you a friend(s) traveling. Getting the available number of spaces is always a bit tricky if you want to go at short notice. The cost can shoot up quite a bit if you book your travels less than 6-10 weeks a head of time.

Still, I think the very best time to take Sunshine holidays is when the climate in your own Country is chilly or cold. I know, traveling in the colder months may not be ideal, for people with kids in school. But I can tell you from experience, it sure feels good lying out in the hot sun in the Month of December!

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Photo By: Steven Moerdyk.