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Walt Disney World

Tips To Make Your Walt Disney World Trip A Memorable Experience.

Walt Disney World Image

Magic Kingdom Castle

After several visits to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  I thought that the excitement for the kids would have abated slightly. But rather than lagging, their enthusiasm just seemed to grow as they discussed the features they wanted to experience again, and the highlights they missed out on during our previous visits.

I put this increase in excitement down to one simple factor – our various experiences have made us experts in how to make the best of our visits!  So, I have decided to share some of this valuable knowledge in the hopes that your first or next visit is as exhilarating as each of our trips.

1. Plan, Plan And Plan.

Do some research into the events, programs and activities that will be available during your stay. Over and above the usual featured activities, Disney World holidays offer a number of one off or scheduled events that will only enhance your experience. Check their calendar regularly for updates and include as many of these events in your itinerary.

Remember to include Fantasyland in your plans which was completed a few years back. This, and the fact that the construction on the Central Plaza have been completed makes the Magic Kingdom a great location to visit in 2016.

2. Stay A Little Longer.

A day visit to Walt Disney World just doesn’t do it justice. In stead, why not reserve accommodation at one or more of the many hotels or resorts in the complex. The longer you stay, the more value you are likely to get from your vacation experience. Staying at a resort also gives you the benefit of having a little downtime while the kids are entertained by one of the many programs on offer.

3. A Tour Guide.

This may seem like an unnecessary investment at first but I find that a tour guide or a tour group provides many benefits. Most importantly, they will take care of all your planning for you, ensure that all your bookings are in order and that all the requisite events and activities are added to your itinerary. An added bonus is that tour groups and guides have access to all the special offers and discounts to minimize your holiday budget.

4. Age Appropriate.

Find out which areas in Walt Disney World (WDW) have the most features that will be most appropriate for your kids ages. When we first started vacationing at WDW, we spent most of our time in areas that were aimed at toddlers. We have since gone through the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom being favourites with this years’ plans including a visit to Hollywood Studio’s.

5. Eat, Drink and Stay Healthy.

The wide range of unhealthy snack and fast food meals available may mean that your kids could suffer from unhappy tummies. Try to eat the bulk of your meals at your hotel or resort and limit their unhealthy food intake. However, keep in mind that sugary treats and fun food are all part of the Disney experience, so don’t be too strict on limiting their enjoyment.

Photo By: A Syed.