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From London To Italy.

From London To Italy.

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CityJet, a subsidiary of the KLM group, is launching a new route to from London to  Italy.  As from 10th January 2011, Cityjet will provide 6 flghts a week to Florence, Italy, from London City Airport .

London City Airportis becoming more popular with it’s user-friendly services and central location.  Anyone thinking that travel is on the decline will be thinking in the wrong direction.  Flight departures and mulitple destinations from many different Airline Carriers seem to be on the increase.




Florence, Italy.

I’ve never been to Italy, but it’s definately on my list of places to visit. It is No.5 on the top destinations for the most visited Countries of 2010.  I’ve never flown from London City Airport either.  At lease I don’t think so.  This new service sounds great, especially for the business traveler.  Italy would be the perfect location to take a city break or, a long weekend.

For frequent flying business people situated in and around the capital.  The new route from London to Italy, departing from London City Airport. Could help cut your overall traveling time by an hour or more.

Using London City Airport to travel from London to Italy, will undoubtedly reduce your overall travel time.  Naturally, if you live closer to Gatwick Airport or Heathrow Airport.  The new route may not make a different to you.  It is however, worth checking out if you could save time and money getting from London to Italy faster by the new route.


Photo By: Enrico Nunziati.