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Take A Cruise

Take A Cruise.

I’d like to “take a cruise,” at this time of the year you hear a lot about cruises. I think about those huge magnificent ships that look like floating Islands in the middle of the Ocean. The popularity of Cruise Holidays is still rising today just a few years ago, the number of Brits taking to the seas were well over a million people, I wrote about it in a earlier post.

TIP! Always travel as light as you can. If you don’t know how, buy a few vacuum storage bags. They are great for compressing a pile of clothes into a space-saving flat pack.

European Cruises. 

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Oceana P&O Cruises

Being a Brit and living here in the UK, I thought I’d feature a couple of Cruise Operators that are long-standing household names, and have great European Cruises. P&O Ferries and DFDS Seaways,

P&O Ferries was one of the earliest Cruise Companies I ever heard of as a kid.  They have marvellous Cruises to; Rotterdam, Calais, Dublin and the list goes on.

DFDS Seaways is very popular for short and longer cruises to fabulous European Destinations including; Amsterdam, Brussels, France and more. 

TIP! As with most travel, check prices for outside the “high Seasons”.  You could end up saving yourself a bit of money if you are flexible with you travel times. 

Don’t forget to include travel insurance as part of your travels costs.  See what type of cover would be best for you here.

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Images By: Keith Syvinski.