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Train Travel.

Train Travel.

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Choosing train travel over air travel, may depend on the distance of your destination, and the time you have spend away.  Living in the London, travelling to other parts of Europe by train is far more appealing to me, than flying in a cramped aeroplane.  However, distance and length of travel would have to be a factor that would dictate which mode of travel is best, air travel or train travel.

The UK’s our Railway Network is pretty big, almost 13 miles of electric and standard-gauge lines which includes the famous London Under Ground. We knock it sometimes, and it can get very crowded during the week, especially during peak hours, but it is fast and mostly reliable, (when it doesn’t breakdown).   Our network is also connected to the Europe by the undersea rail link, called the Channel Tunnel, which opened in 1994.  I remember I was in college when the plans where being discussed, in fact I think we had to do a project on it.

Our Train Network is in the top 20 in the World, It is also one of the densest networks around.  It is also one of the busiest in Europe and has something like 20% – 60% more trains than France, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Italy.  Previous figures have shown that our train network is the 5th most used in the world, but don’t let all these facts and figures put you off train travel.

Train travel can be, and is, one of the most comfortable ways of travel.  If you focus on train travel for holiday purposes.  It is likely that you would be travelling long distances, and therefore not the ordinary every day crowded, stuffy train trips to and from work.  If train travel appeals to you, below is a shortlist of three of the most popular rail services in the UK.

Train Travel Companies.

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There are a number of major train Companies in the UK, Rail Europe, Virgin Trains and The Train Line are just a few.  I confess to not ever travelled long distant by train, so I have not used any of these services personally.  They are however, all very well known and popular Train Service Companies.

Virgin Trains is a very popular and well known Brand in the UK, probably all over the World.  They offer train services to many cities and specialise in long-distance train journeys, connecting London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow.  You have the choice of first class or coach class, I recently found out that if you depart after 11am, the cost for the same class tickets is reduced by around 30%.  If you’re thinking of travelling to another city for business or pleasure, its’ worth playing around with the times of travel, if that option is open to you.

Rail Europe are the UK’s leading supplier of train travel into France and other parts of Europe.  Travelling with EuroStar for direct travel into Paris, Brussels, Lille, Avignon, Disneyland Resort Paris and the French Alps. Other European cities include Italy, Spain and Switzerland.  They are also the official UK website selling the “InterRail Pass,” which gives extensive travel across 30 European Countries.

Thetrainline is an online Company and the leading independent retailer of train tickets online.  Their online booking systems search covers a full range of rail journeys, and train travel fares.  Based on your preferences towards time of travel and budget.  They are completely independent from any of the Rail Networks and have a customer based focus service.

Whether you’re travelling short distance or long distance by train.  You know I’ll always remind you to view your travel insurance options.  Yeah, I know I sound like a broken record, but a broken record is better than a broken arm or worse.