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Top Ten Cities To Visit Named.

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Last week, Lonely Planet released their top ten Cities to visit in 2014.  I’m sure there will be several other Top Ten Cities Lists in the coming months.  I’ll keep an eye out! One thing I’ve notice over the past 5 years is a consistency with the number ONE spot. Yes, you guessed it, Paris has come out TOPS again.  I’ve been to France many times, but never Paris, I think it’s about time I take a trip to the most popular City to visit in the whole wide World!

I’ll be watching closely over the next few months for future Top Ten Cities Lists. I look forward to comparing them all and picking out what would be my personal top ten to visit.  Then I’ll see what I can do about visiting my own top three.

In the mean time, I’m thinking “The Sun”, as we are nearing the Winter months here in the UK.  I am bracing myself for another cold cold Winter.

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Lonely Planet List.

1. Paris, France.
2. Trinidad, Cuba.
3. Cape Town, South Africa.
4. Rīga, Latvia.
5. Zürich, Switzerland.
6. Shanghai, China.
7. Vancouver, Canada.
8. Chicago, Illinois, USA.
9. Adelaide, Australia.
10. Auckland, New Zealand.

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