Thailand Holidays.

Anyone who has experienced Thailand holidays will tell you that it is no wonder that it remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in the World. Thailand is a very popular holiday spot, especially amongst the Brits, and has been a favourite holiday choice for Brits form sometime now

The country itself has so much to offer. From the throbbing nightlife of the capital city Bangkok to the Islands that lie offshore this is a country that simply has something for everyone. As does much of Southeast Asia.

The jumping off point for many who visit Thailand has got to be the capital. Bangkok. Today Bangkok is a metropolis that would rival anywhere in Asia. On arriving in Bangkok, there is an assault on the senses.

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The smells and hectic nightlife, the throngs of people living in close proximity to the most modern shopping centres while still at the same time frequenting local markets. Access to western fast food restaurants and at the same time being able to enjoy some of the best street food in the southeast Asian region – all of these make for a heady mix of the traditional and modern.

Bangkok still has its reputation for risque nightlife, and it seems that this will be an attraction for many foreign travellers. Nevertheless, to limit your stay because of that would be a grave mistake, just be careful and vigilant. Because Bangkok has much more to offer.

Such as, the Grand Palace which has been home to Thai kings for 150 years to Wat Arun. The Temple of Dawn which dominates the skyline of modern Bangkok there are cultural attractions in the city which will intrigue and delight anyone with even a passing interest in the cultures which have shaped this most interesting of countries.

However, for those with a taste for the island life leaving the city for the Andaman Coast is where the real adventure will begin. Set like jewels in an azure sea the islands beckon anyone with a taste for adventure and a laid back approach to any holiday experience.

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Now that I have experience a small taste of the East, I can easily see why. It’s a long way from England but well worth the trip. My own destination was Pattaya. For our group, shopping was plenty, and the excursions and local entertainment where fun.

I found that area of Thailand very pleasant. It was warm to hot in temperature. The food was really good, the people were mega friendly. The hotel staff were very helpful and accommodating, although there was a bit of a language barrier with a few members of staff. However, most of the hotel staff spoke English so communications were good!

Thailand holidays are something that anyone with even a passing interest in the culture of Southeast Asia and the wonders of great natural beauty should explore.

Whether you choose to spot at the capital Bangkok, or go a little further a field like my friends & I. You will have an enjoyable holiday, so take lots of pictures.


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