The Royal Wedding.

 The Royal Wedding.

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The time is drawing near for Prince William’s and Kate Middleton’s Wedding Day.  There are numerous Royal Wedding travel offers out there, and they’ve been running for months.  I think you would have to be located on the Moon if you haven’t heard about the pending event.  But just in case you are still wondering when is The Royal Wedding?  It’s here, in London  on Friday, 29th April 2011.

Televised Around The World.

You know, I got to thinking.  As the Royal Wedding is going to televised all over the World. You could practically watch it anywhere.  I read somewhere that more than 7,000 Worldwide TV and Radio crews will be pirched outside Westminster Abbey.

That being said, unless you are absolutely adamant that you want to be in the UK for the event.  Why not take up one of those The Royal Wedding travel offers.  Think about it,  even if you only visited another city.  You could still say,  “We watched it while in……”  We watched in from our balcony in……..”  You get my  drift right?

England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, all get an additional Bank Holiday on 29th April 2011.  A good reason to celebrate the Royal Wedding, and toast the happy couple.  Wherever you are in the World, if you want to watch it, I am sure all you will need is a TV, for what some are calling, the event of the year.

If you intend to travel into London to see the arrival of the happy couple and their 1900 guest.  You better get there really early.  I would image with the PRESS AREA and all the barricades, you probably won’t see as much as you would like.  Still it’s the atmosphere should that counts right?  Good Luck to the happy couple!

Royal Event Details.

EVENT: The Royal Wedding.
LOCATION: Westminster Abbey, 20 Dean’s Yard, London SW1P.
DATES: 29th April 2011.
TIME: 11:00am.

The most popular Royal Wedding Travel destination has been reported to be the Lake District.  Expedia have offers on the

Photo by Aleksandr Greckas.