Top Ten Tourist Destinations.

Top Ten Tourist Destinations Image


Every year I like to check which Countries are the Top Ten Tourist Destinations. I’m not surprised with the number one spot this year. It’s been the most internationally visited Country for the past 6 years. That’s how long I’ve been checking. I hope to be travelling there again, quite soon.   Okay here are the Countries most visited and voted into the top ten tourist destinations.
Top Ten Tourist Destinations of 2009.

1  France, Europe.
2  United States, North America.
3  Spain, Europe.
4  China, Asia.
5  Italy, Europe.
6  United Kingdom, Europe.
7  Turkey, Europe.
8  Germany,Europe.
9  Malaysia Asia.
10 Mexico, North America.

Great News – One of the Country’s mentioned above I live in. Three of the Countries I have already visited.  Five of the Countries are where I hope to travel to in the not too distant future. Funny how all of these popular tourist destinations are somewhere I’ve already been or wanted to visit. Sadly, my score is 3 out of 10.

Viva La France!

Picture Provided by John Nichols.