Tours And Travels.

Tours And Travels.

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Tours and Travels, is a new feature for our travel blog.  This month is focused on the Grand Canyon.  In recent months there has been a rising interest in the All American Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour.  It is one of the most popular tours currently running at this time, and the tours and travels feature for the month.

The Grand Canyon is a beautiful sight, it’s captivating, breathtaking views are incredible.  Something you’re not likely to ever forget.  If you ever have the opportunity to see it – Do so!  Of course I’ve only seen it at ground level, but that was good enough for my tender tummy.  However, If you are a little more adventurous than I.  The Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour would suit you down to a tee.  Think of it this way, if you can ride the highest, wildest, theme park ride.  Then you probably won’t have a problem in a Helicopter.  (I think).

The tour will take half a day, departing from Las Vegas Airport.  Besides enjoying the fabulous views from up high.  You will also land in the Grand Canyon to enjoy a champagne picnic lunch, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Canyon, what a way to dine!  The tour also includes free hotel pick up and drop off service.  You can get check out the full package holiday details.

The Details.

Event:  Tours and Travels.
Tour:  All American Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour.
Destination:  Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Nevada.
Dates:  Available until further notice.
Cost:  Currently running at a discount of £189.35.

Tour And Travels.

Each month, we’ll be looking at different travel tours.  Some of them may give you an idea of the types of tour and travels you’d like to take some time in the future.  There are thousands, but we’ll concentrate on the most popular destinations first. We’ll find special offer tours, European tours and Adventure Tours.  We’ll try to give you ideas about all kinds of tour and travels all over the World.  That way, you should have lots of destinations to choose from.

Image by: Susan H.