Travel Asia.

Travel Asia.

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Why travel Asia? Why not, more and more people are heading to one particular area of Asia.  Of the Seven continents of the World, it seems Asia is getting a good percentage of travellers.  If you are planning to travel Asia, take a look at Dubai, let’s face it so many do.  My Mother, Sister and Niece spent Christmas in Dubia two years ago.  They stayed at an all inclusive 4 star Hotel Resort, and loved it!

Looks like it’s time for me to shape up and hit the road, or rather the air and visit Dubai too.  Of  course it would be difficult to do without a passport.  Something told me to check my passport, and low and behold, the darn thing has just expired.  I thought I renewed it in 2004!  Oh well, that’s what you get for letting the years pass you by.  Back to the subject at hand.

A Few Reasons You Might Travel To Asia.

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1. Dubai – What can I say, it has been recently reported as the most visited Country in Asia.  Fabulous climate, Beaches, excellent food, Gold at rock bottom prices and other shopping steals!

2. Singapore – Can’t leave it out, it’s allure is obvious.  It has been mentioned in previous articles, it was voted to have the best place to eat in Asia a couple of years back, a restaurant called Iggy’s.  Not to forget the Great Singapore Sale that start in the Spring.

3. Affordable – These days, despite the enconomy, you can travel Asia at really affordable rates.  Singapore Airlines have all kinds of attractive offers.  Opodo and Lowcostholidays have attractive all-inclusive holiday packages to Dubia.  Check them all out and compare for the best deals.

Of course we must not forget that there any many other Countries in Asia, including China, (must go there),  Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India and many more.  You may want to visit any one of these Countries too. However, for this Travel Asia Article, it  is firmly focused on Dubai.

Back To Dubai.

Dubia seems to be a very popular holiday destinations and it’s not slowing down anytime soon.  Dubai Airports, recently published figures in the region of a 12.8% increase of travellers compare to the same time last year. That is a very big jump in numbers, I’m sure that any Country would be happy with such an increase in visitors to their shores.

The increase does include business travellers as well as holiday makers. However, an overall increase of more than 45 million visitors – Wow! It just proves that, no matter what’s going on with the economy.  People still need to get away, and they do so in their millions.

I’m told you will leave Dubai with not just wonderful memories, but with the urge to return.  That was certainly true in the case of with my Mother, Sister and Niece, mention Dubai to them – Big Smiles!

You know me, as always I’ve got to mention travel insurance.  If you want to travel Asia, Dubai or another destinations. You must get adequate travel insurance, so get a quote here and enjoy!

Image By: Barun Patro.