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Hello fellow travel lovers.  Let me introduce myself, I’m A.J., and this is my travel blog, simply named Fantastic Travels Blog.  I am based in London, United Kingdom, have lived here all my life.  I do love travelling, and although I have not travelled much recently.

In the past I have visited Europe; France, Portugal and Spain.  America; Arizona, New York, Philidelphia, and Ohio.  Canada; Ontario and The Caribbean; Antigua, Barbuda, St Maarten and Anguilla.

It seems like quite a bit of travelling, but when I think about how big the World is, perhaps not.  This travel blog is a working hobbie, design to inspire me to travel to many more different Countries all over the World. I looking forward to making it.  I hope you will find my travel blog interesting, informative and fun!

Back soon.

Photos By: Vineet Agarwa.