Travel To Portugal

Travel To Portugal.

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If you decide to travel to Portugal, you will be visiting one of the warmest countries in Europe. The yearly temperatures averages between the 20°C and 28°C. Depending on which area of the Country you are. The population of Portugal is in excess of 10,650,000 people. On the north and east side, it is bordered by Spain and by the Atlantic Ocean on the south and west. Portugal also has two groups of Islands in the Atlantic, the Madeira Islands and the Azores(Açores). Mount Pico is the highest point in Portugal, and is 2,351 metres.

Portugal is rich with culture and dates back more than 1000 years. This came about from the early visitors to the country which were Celt, Roman, Greek, Arabic and Egyptian to name a few. If you travel to Portugal, you will discover a warm, inciting and friendly Country. It is sometimes referred to as the Jewel in Europe’s Crown. Lisbon is the capital city, I always think of the film “Casablanca” when Lisbon is mentioned. The Algarve is very popular with British holiday makers. If you decide to travel to Portugal, both those cities are easy to get to know, and get around.


Lisbon is the largest city in Portugal. The population is over 500,000 people, the whole Lisbon Metropolitan Area includes, towns and cities like Barreiro, Sintra, (which I missed out on seeing on a day trip once), and Cascais, which I spent a fabulous week in some years ago. The city centre is called Baixa. Way back in 2006, I discovered that Baixa was listed as one of Portugal’s Cities, and was being considered for World Heritage Site Status by the UNESCO. I think it’s still on the list.

The Algarve.

The Algarve, is also a popular European golfing destination. It is a big favourite with golfers of all levels around the world. Not only does the wonderful climate and fabulous courses catch the eye. The beautiful landscapes are a major draw. The greens of the vegetation makes the Algarve an absolute golfing paradise. Of course one of the other major attractions to the Algarve are the beaches. If you travel to Portugal, and don’t hit one or two of it’s glorious beaches, you will miss a great deal.

A Few Beaches In The Algarve.

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1. Praia da Armona – For peace and tranquillity!
For a quiet relaxing time, a good beach is an island beach. They are not too far away or over populated and easy to get to. The Praia da Armona is a short ferry trip from Olhão in the Algarve region. The ferry service is quite frequent 2/3 times an hour.

2. Praia da Ilha de Faro.
Close to Faro Airport, this is a very popular beach with lots of activities and water-sports. You can have lunch at any one of the nearby cafés.

3. Praia Verde.
This is a beach popular with families and young children. It’s busy, noisy, populated and fun, but more importantly it is a very safe beach to spend a day out with the family.
Working out transportation when you travel to Portugal.

If you are a lover of Port Wines. Portugal is one of the best place in Europe to experience some great samples. There are tours and day trips you can take to visit the vineyard areas. The shopping is vast, especially some of the markets, and of course the beaches. You can take a trip to Estoril, where beautiful leather goods can be found at the Saturday markets. The many shows and night-life activities will add to enjoying a wonderful holiday if you do decide to travel to Portugal this year.

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