Travel Tours.

Travel Tours.

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Travel tours are very popular with millions of people flying off to far off places each year.  There are many destinations to choose from around the world.  Europe and Africa are among the two most popular destinations.  If you are interested in  travel tours, here are two suggestions that might give you a few ideas.




African or European Travel Tours.


Given the time of the year, an adventurous tour in Africa may be the choice for you.  The climate is great and there always seems to be some thing exotic about a Safari.  Seeing wild a animals in their natural habitats would surely be a fascinating experience.

I’ve often been drawn to the allure of such an experience, but when I think deeply about it, I might be a bit of a scaredy cat!  But don’t let me put you off.  The wondrous scenery and overall exciting prospect of seeing a herd of Elephants, giraffes, wildebeest and lions, would be amazing!  Kenya is one of the top destinations for a safari travel tour, there are many packages and tours to choice from.


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Europe, what can I say, so many wonderful destinations, all full of artistic grace and historic buildings.  For this article I will suggest London, why not, I live here and am very familiar with many of the astonishing sites. While London is blanketed with history, there is also the new sites that are drawing visitors to this town of mine.

Before I get into that, one tour I would recommend to all visitors and tourist is one of the London Bus Tours.  The London Bus tours, is a circle tour which stops at various famous landmarks and tourist sites.  Buckingham Palace, London Dungeon, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge and many more locations.  They are great fun and you get a 24 pass to use.  You can hop on and off the bus at any tour stopping point.  Hop back on the bus as it comes back around.

Newest Attractions.

The Shard – is this fancy new building located at London Bridge and is the tallest building in Europe.   If that doesn’t put you off, you can now take the Shard Tour, which shots you up by a lift.  Right to the tippy top of the building, 40 miles high.   If you like heights, this on is for you.

I don’t doubt the extraordinary view of London and surrounding areas, I just don’t think my stomach would take, my level of height in such matters is…. sub zero.  Looks great from the ground up, but if you want a treat or want to have one of those Magical Tour Experiences.  The Shard is the latest and I understand tickets are being snapped up right now.

In this article, the choice of travels tours are Exotic or Historic.  Either one would be a great choice and  give you are a great travel tour experience.   There are of course many more types of travel tours you could take in hundreds of destinations.  Many are small interesting walking tours, others are what might be considered high risk adventure.   The bottom line is, it depends what kind of travel tour would you like?

All that’s left to say, is to remember to get the right travel insurance package.

Shard Image By: Cmglee – Nairobi Image By: Mkimemia