Vintage Travel.

If You Really Want To Travel In Style, Vintage Travel Is The Way To Go!

Travel is about much more than simply getting from A to B. In fact, if you, like many other people, believe that the experience of getting to your destination is just as special as the time you spend there, vintage travel has to be your number one choice.

Today’s life is hectic, too hectic! It seems like life is always about finding the quickest, most convenient and time-efficient way to do things. Why not stop for a moment and allow yourself to indulge in the joys of vintage travel. In fact, it may very well change your whole outlook on how you get from A to B from this point forward. What are a few of the best vintage travel ideas? Let’s take a quick look.

On Board A Train.

Now we are not referring to a lightning speed bullet train here! Rather, choose that old railway option that will take you halfway around the country before arriving at your actual destination. That’s right you’re aboard a steam train and it’s time to sit back, embrace the landscape, order a coffee and, quite literally, watch the world go by!

Horse And Carriage.

It’s romantic, nostalgic and with a good taste of the mighty outdoors. Horse and carriage travel has to be one of the most vintage ways to travel available to us in our very modern world.

Vintage Bus Travel.

Vintage buses are quite the sight to behold. They seem to immediately evoke that wistful feeling of bygone days. Plan a day out aboard a vintage bus and you’ll feel a sense of disappointment every time you travel by modern bus from then on!

A Lazy River Boat Ride.

A lazy afternoon spent on a riverboat is all about re-living those childhood classic novels. It’s the absolute epitome of everything nostalgic. From the sound of the water gently lapping on the boat to the toot toot of other boats passing by if you want to embrace vintage travel, a lazy river boat ride is sure to do exactly that.

Vintage Cars.

Lastly, there’s nothing quite like a vintage car, if you’re a fan of Downton Abbey. You’ll know what I mean. Vintage cars are all around us, even if we don’t usually see them. More and more people and opting for retro and vintage styles, which include cars. But even more interesting are the Vintage Car Tours you can experience whenever you feel like a trip dowm memory lane.

So before you reserve your next tickets on a bullet train or express bus take a moment to consider the vintage travel ideas we have outlined above. After all, we all deserve to indulge that old romantic soul every now and then, even if it’s just for one day!



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